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Don’t Mess with the Steward Kimura Safety System

Stewart’s Kimura submission is serious business! Thankfully he has a system in place to teach you how to prevent getting caught.

One of our own, Matt, an eager-to-learn blue belt was struggling to keep his arms close to his body. However, thanks to our beginner instructor Stewart, Matt was able to resolve this issue with his arms.

Let’s just say that your belt serves more of a purpose then you know.

Stewart Kimora Safety System | Nemesis

If you would like to learn some awesome ways to improve your Jiu Jitsu, drop by Stewart’s class! Click here to view our schedule.

Morning Class 8:30am so much fun!

Today class was great about 12 peps on the mat made for good training… High pace class today… Drills for both sides guard recovery and passing from double under hooks! Also drilled outside single to double leg attacks from the knees…and a recovery drill for the guy getting taken down to get back to there knees… Thanks for a great way to start the day …

Come train great class super fun! Monday is going to be allot of work on passing the guard! Double under hooks to power pass combos…also recovering from that passing pressure..

See you there !!! Eric

Sunday workshops at Nemesis Jiu Jitsu (Every Sunday)

Sunday workshops at Nemesis Jiu Jitsu

Workshop every Sunday from 11am – 1 pm

20$ for members  40$ for non members

Arm Bars are on the menu this week again!  We will be going over more of the same drills and learning some different drills as well.  Taking time to learn transitions from close guard to arm bar and the little details that make it work. The last 2 work shops have been super fun come in this Sunday if you can … Thanks Eric !!

I just got off the phone with Eric.

We had a radical conversation, as are to be had with Mr. Hemphill. One of the things I’ve always admired about the man is how neutral he has managed to stay in the BJJ community here in Portland – he’s the Switzerland of inter-gym politics.

One of the most important bits of our conversation was the topic of cross-training between gyms. His position is CRYSTAL CLEAR: Cross-training at gyms is healthy and beneficial activity for all people involved in our sport, no matter the team affiliation. With that in mind, Eric Hemphill encourages athletes from all gyms across the city to come visit Nemesis. Conversely, he recommends that all gyms should be open to athletes coming to their gym to share in the wealth of knowledge which is so fundamental to our sport.

So, come drop in at Nemesis! Let’s train together as athletes allied in the goal of improving our Jiu-Jitsu. Train with everyone!

If you hadn’t noticed…

The Nemesis website was all screwy for the last few weeks (??). Anyhow – looks like someone was inserting invisible links to sites that sell viagra and stuff all through the site and screwing up posts and formatting. Unfortunately, they screwed up a bunch of posts – so those have all been taken down.

You’ll also note that the crap isn’t on the site anymore. Hooray! Move along, nothing to see here. Or rather, these aren’t the droids we’re looking for.